Whether your Auto Attendant is the first thing callers hear when calling your business or takes the overflow when you're busy, you want to make sure it leaves a good impression on your customers.
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Cloud (or Hosted) business communication services are today’s mainstream alternative to on-premises phone systems. Here we look at 10 popular reasons to move to the Cloud.
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With office space rental costing anywhere from $4,000 to $14,000 per year, per employee in major US cities, freeing workers from their cubicles can save organizations serious amounts of cash!
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Let’s talk about communications. Here is 5 ways to be more agile than your competition using Cloud UC.
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This commercial law firm has a team of 170 based at more than a dozen regional offices. The company had invested in standalone PBXs for each of its locations but faced costly and complex issues. The firm moved to a cloud-based PBX platform achieving much-needed protection against outages and expanding the telephony features delivered to its team.
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When an organization looks to change their existing PBX, it is normally a decision that is driven by a few key considerations.
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Companies of all sizes around the globe are revamping their business around the fact that employees are now mostly mobile.
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A Fixed VoIP Number is a telephone number that is associated with an address and is typically more secure than a non-fixed VoIP number. If you're in the market for a VoIP phone system ensure your phone numbers are guarded and protected from fraud.
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A VoIP call translates audio into data packets and transmits those packets over the internet and then converts the packets back into audio at the other end of your phone call. So why would you switch your phone system to use VoIP? Let's take a look at why Voice over IP can help your business save money.
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Mobile working has many benefits. Which is why so many small businesses are ditching their premise phone solutions and going 100% mobile using unified communications—for both cost and efficiency reasons.
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